Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stops responding - Perform a soft reset

It may happen that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stops responding from input via the touch screen or inputs via the hardware buttons. Most of these error type is due to a software malfunction. This can be derived from either the Android operating system or an installed app. Usually in such an error the display is frozen and nothing can be done anymore.

Should also your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 react no longer to user input, then we want to show you a trick on how to restart the smartphone without removing the battery.

Please proceed as follows:

Hold the Power On / Off button for about 10 seconds pressed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This will now trigger a so-called soft-reset, which restarts the phone. The soft reset is like taking out the batteries, so to simulate a momentary power interruption. This is sufficient to restart the system of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

After the reboot your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should work normally again. Nevertheless you should search for the error that caused the malfunction. Because it is possible that this error occurs again.


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