Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Take Selfies with the heart rate sensor as shutter

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers the possibility to take Selfie photos using the integrated heart rate sensor. This function should enable users to easily record Selfies of themselves and their environment by using the sensor as a shutter. Selfies are images that you record by yourself with the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

We show you now how to take pictures on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using the heart rate sensor in the camera app as shutter.

Open the camera app first which is installed by default in Android. Then tap on the little icon that represents the camera switch, so as to move from the main camera to the front camera of your smartphone.

Now put your finger on the sensor for heart rate on the back of the smartphone. If you now remove your finger again, the photo is automatically taken from you. That's it.

You now know how to record Selfies of you using the heart rate sensor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


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