Samsung Galaxy Note 4 test camera function

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 takes beautiful pictures, assuming it works correctly. Unfortunately, it can happen from time to time that the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 reports an error for no reason or have a black camera image. So it is of course no longer possible to take pictures with the camera. This can have several reasons: Firstly, it may be due to a software error of the camera app or a malfunction of the hardware module itself.

To find this out, we will now show you how to test and check the camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Open on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the phone app and then switch on the "keypad". Type the following code with the keys, so you get into the secret service menu by Samsung: *#0*#
There will now open a summary screen with various categories in which you can perform tests on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hardware. These are controlled via the standard drivers, so you can find  out, if a hardware component is still functioning properly. In our case it is the camera module. Tap the tile  "Mega Cam".

• When you can see a camera image, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 works perfectly and it will be a software error in the android camera app.
• However, if you see a black screen and no camera picture, the camera module on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is unfortunately defective

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a broken camera, contact the Samsung support so you can immediately induce the repair of your phone within the warranty period.

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