Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Use Mp3 sound as sms notification

If you would like to use a MP3 sound as a ringtone for incoming SMS messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then you can´t adjust this in Android so easily  .This function, for example through the MP3 player, has not yet been intergrated in Android. So you have to perform a little trick that makes it possible to use MP3 sounds as SMS ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This trick works as follows:

So that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lists MP3 files in the selection of the SMS messages tones in the settings, you have to create a new folder in the device memory or the memory card.

Use either the File Explorer "My Files" on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or connect your smartphone with your computer. Now create the following file path:

For SMS notification sounds: Device storage (Sd Card)/media/audio/notifications

When you created the folder, you can now move the MP3 file, which you want to use as your SMS notification tone to the folder "notifications". The standard method to choose a notification sound in the settings lists now the MP3 sound you added into the folder. You can mark this now as active notification sound for incoming SMS messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

You know now how to use MP3 tones as message tones for text messaging on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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