Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vibrates when picked up - solution!

It may be that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vibrates when you pick this from a table or an other flat object. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vibrates whenever an unread notification on the smartphone is available. This can be, for example, an SMS, an email, a new date etc.

The function is called "Smart Alert" and can be enabled or disabled in the settings of your Android OS. We show you now how to find this setting on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Open the menu and then the Android settings. Scroll down a bit here and then tap within the section "Motion" to "Motions and gestures". Next, choose "Smart Alert" . About the slider at the top right you can now enable or disable this feature.

Do you have the setting disabled, you will no longer get a Vibration on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when you pick the device up and have a missed call or message to check.

You now know why your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vibrates when your picking up this from a table.

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