Samsung Galaxy Note 4 WhatsApp messages do not arrive in standby

It can happen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, that even if you are connected at home with the WiFi network, you will not get any WhatsApp push notifications or Facebook messages on the smartphone. The reason usually not caused by a faulty or bad internet connection, but by a setting in the Android operating system.

This setting is called: "Keep WiFi on during sleep"

If this option is now set to either "Only when plugged in (charger)" or to "Never (Increase data usage)", then you do not get WhatsApp messages when your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in stand-by even iif it is connected with the WiFi network. To turn the function to "Always", you must follow these instructions on your smartphone:

Open from the home screen the menu and then the Settings. Tap on "Wi-Fi" and above right click the icon with the three dots. This will open a small menu where you now please select "Advanced". In the next menu you can now select the menu item "Keep WiFi on during sleep". Tap on it and choose at the next window "Always" as active element.

You will now receive WhatsApp and Facebook messages via the WiFi network on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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