Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Where can i find my IMEI? Solved

The IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 corresponds to a serial number with which your device is uniquely identified. The IMEI of your smartphone should be noticed, because if you lose your smartphone you can clarify that this device is yours. This is only one example for the use of the IMEI. There a lot more. However.

If you want to know now where to find the IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then we would like to describe three possibilities to find it:

1. Locate the IMEI at the phone settings of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Open from the Home Screen Applications -> Settings -> About device -> Status

Here you can find a list with an entry called "IMEI". This is the IMEI an serial number of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

2. Check the IMEI via network code

Alternatively, the IMEI can be made visible ​​quickly by pressing the following key code on the telephone keypad. Tap the following code on the keypad of the phone app: *#06#

3. Find the IMEi at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 packaging

At the package of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 there is a sticker at which you can find the IMEI number of your device.

You have now learned three different ways to get the IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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