Samsung Galaxy Note 5 How to calibrate the compass

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has installed a magnetic sensor, with which, combined with a compass app , the cardinal points can be determined. However, it may be that the compass of the smartphone does not show the right directions. If this is the case, then the magnetic sensor must be recalibrated.

This requires that you proceed as follows:

1. Open on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the Phone app and in it the keypad.
2. Type now, using the keypad, the following code: *#0*#
3. Now it opens the service menu of Samsung

4. Tap on "sensor" and you can see different sensor values ​​of your smartphones.
5. At the bottom you will see the entry "Magnetic Sensor". If you see a "0" in the circle and the text "Need for Calibration", then you need to calibrate the compass.
6. Turn the smartphone 360° once in all three axes

7. Do you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 turned successfully in all three axes, look at the magnetic sensor icon. If you now see a "3", then it means that the magnetic sensor is calibrated correctly.

If you now use a compass app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, then the cardinal points are now displayed correctly.

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