Samsung Galaxy Note 5 How to place widget on home screen

You can place widgets on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 home screen. Widgets are small applications that add specific information from apps to your home screen. That's why you certainly want to use this useful feature on your smartphone.

If you do not know how you can add a widget on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, then we would like to briefly explain that in detail here:

Return to the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and then tap with a finger on a blank area of ​​the Home Screen. Remain with your finger on the screen, until this will now be reduced and a menu appears on the bottom of the display. Tap here on "Widgets".

So you will see all available widgets of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. To place a widget on your home screen, tap with your finger on a widget until this hovers and can be set on your home screen. Finished!

You have just successfully placed a widget on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 home.


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