Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Display in percent

In the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you can show the battery display in percent. This is useful because it can be read off as quickly as the battery is full or whether it needs to be charged soon. How to activate the battery indicator in percent for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 status bar is explained in this article:

To do this, please start from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 start screen and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the App menu and select the Android settings
  2. Navigate to the menu item "Display" and from there to the submenu "Status bar".
  3. Here you will find the corresponding option "Display battery charge in %" - Activate this option.

From now on, the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will show a percentage of the battery status next to the battery icon. You now know the procedure to have the battery charge shown as a percentage in the notification bar on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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