Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Delete Phone Logs – Solved

Whenever you call a contact or receive a call with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it will be saved in the phone log or the history of the phone app. So you can always understand when and who you called.

If you would like to delete the complete list or a single call on the log, then this manual should show you how exactly this works on the Note 8.

Deleting the history of the calls on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Open the phone app and switch to the "Recent" tab - you will now see all calls already made or received. Now select the three-dot symbol on the top right and then "Delete".

You now have two options:

  1. Delete entire list

To do so, check the box "All" in the top left corner and then select "Delete".

  1. Delete a single entry on the list

To do this, select the entry to be deleted - Then touch "Delete" in the top right corner.

You now know how to clear the phone list log on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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