Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Disable lock screen – solution

It usually makes sense to use the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as this is the only way to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot use the smartphone. Nevertheless, you may want to disable the screen.

How exactly that works, we explain here:

To turn off the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 start from the home screen and then navigate to the App menu and then to the settings:

Open here now device security and then "lock screen type". Now enter your current security method. You can now change the settings: Select "None"

You have now disabled the lock screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and thus you do not have to enter a security mechanism such as pin, pattern, password etc. every time to unlock the device.

Keep in mind, though, that anyone who has access to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be able to read content such as files, messages, etc.


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