Samsung Galaxy Note 8 How to calibrate Compass – Instructions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has many different sensors integrated, including the magnetic sensor, which is important for the compass function. Now you may find that the compass app, which is located in the sidebar in the "Quick Tools" for example, shows you the wrong direction.

If that is the case with you, then you should definitely calibrate the compass. This works on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as follows:

We recommend calibrating using Samsung's secret service menu. Here's the best way to see if the calibration works because there is an indicator:

From the Home screen, open the Phone app and the keypad.

Now enter the following code: *#0*#

This will now open the test menu of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Click here on the tile with "Sensor" and then scroll down in the next menu. You now see an entry with "Magnetic Sensor" and below it a circle with a line and a number behind it. This has the following meaning:

  • Red line with a 0 = The compass sensor must be calibrated
  • Blue line with a 3 = The magnetic sensor is calibrated.

Now to calibrate the compass, rotate the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 once around all its three axes. Do this until the circle shows a blue line and a 3.

Only then your compass is calibrated. Any compass app that now accesses the magnetic sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should now show the correct direction. So you have successfully performed the calibration of the magnetic compass on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If it does not work, the calibration will be done outdoors in the open air, where the least amount of disturbances will may influence the calibration.

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