Samsung Galaxy Note 8 How to Deactivate App – Instructions

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has pre-installed apps and applications that you cannot uninstall or delete. Here you either have the option to root the device or simply disable the app.

Since the warranty is lost at Root, we want to explain exactly how to deactivate an app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

To disable an app, open from the home screen the App menu and then the page on which the app to be disabled is placed. As an example we would like to take the "Facebook" app here:

  1. Press and hold the app for a long time until a small pop-up menu appears
  2. Now select the entry "Deactivate"

The app is now deactivated and disappears within the app menu. It will no longer be displayed but is still in the background available.

It will also not be updated until you re-enable the app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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