Samsung Galaxy Note 8 How to Insert the Sim Card - Instructions

If you have just purchased or delivered the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then you will definitely want to try it out now. Of course, you will need to insert the sim card so you can use the phone and the mobile internet.

If you have the right Sim card, a Nano Sim card, then insert it into the Sim card slot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as follows:

Instructions for inserting the Sim card into the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  • What you need: Sim Card Slot Needle (is included with delivery accessories)
  • Nano Sim Card

How to insert the sim card:

  1. Use the Sim Card Needle to pop in the small hole next to the Sim Card Slot
  2. The Sim Card Slot is now one piece out and you can pull this out now
  3. Now insert the Sim card into the Sim card slot the right way round. This is designed so that the Sim card can only be inserted in one variant. (Attention: Do not forcibly insert into the Sim card slot.) It is better to check again.
  4. Then push the Sim card slot back into the case of the Note 8 and your smartphone will be ready for use.

You now know how to insert the sim card into the device with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and thus be able to use the telephone and internet function.


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