Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Menu Button no longer there - How to activate it

When you unpack the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and use it for the first time, you will soon notice that there is no more menu button on the home screen compared to other Samsung galaxy smartphones. Instead, wipe up or down to get to the App menu.

If this bothers you and you would rather use the menu button again, this is no problem and can be activated in Android as follows:

To do this, please return to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 home screen. Press with your finger on a free space until the screen is reduced in size and a menu appears at the bottom of the display:

  1. Home Page Settings
  2. Continue to "App button" - you will see the following submenu:
  3. Now select "Show App Button".

From now on the Homescreen within the App Drawer will show the menu button, which takes you back to the App menu of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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