Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Perform soft reset when display is black

There are various errors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. One of them is that the smartphone only displays a black screen and no longer responds to inputs via the touch display, or via the buttons.

The solution to this problem is: Soft Reset

Soft Reset is a reboot that has the same effect as removing the battery from the smartphone for a short time, thus interrupting the power supply. Since you cannot remove the battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this means that the soft reset is the only solution to fix a mistake like the black screen.

And this is how the Soft Reset on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is made:

  • Press and hold the power on / off button on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for about 12 seconds

After the time expires, the smartphone will automatically restart.

This tip always helps, even if the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not respond to input otherwise.

You now know what to do if the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 stops responding to input and the screen shows only a black image.


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