Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pressure sensor of the Home Button broken? Test

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a sensitive Touch display and can be woken up from the standby, for example, by pressing the Home key harder. If you have the feeling that your home button, or the touch sensor in the display behind does no longer works properly, then you can use the Samsung service menu to test this.

We'll explain how it works for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. To do this, first open the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from the home screen and then the keypad. Now enter the following code via the numeric keypad:

  • *# 0 * #

This will now show you the Samsung Service menu on the display. Here you can select the following from the menu squares:

  • Sub Key

The Home button will now be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Press the button for a long time. If the display turns blue, the button works and you can leave the test via "Exit". If the display does not turn blue, something is wrong with your pressure sensor, which is behind the Home Button and you should take the guarantee.

You now know how to test on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, whether the home button or the pressure sensor behind it works correctly..

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