Samsung Galaxy Note 8 W-Lan is disconnected in stand-by - solution

If you notice that the W-Lan connection on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in stand-by, so you will not receive any new WhatsApp messages or emails, then it is most likely due to a setting in the Android OS. Here you can find out which function automatically disconnects the Wi-Fi in Standby and how to deactivate it:

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the settings of Android via the App menu
  2. Now select "Connections" and then "WLAN"
  3. Select "Advanced" in the upper right corner and then search for "Wi-Fi in standby mode" in the list.
  4. Touch the entry and select "Always"

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will now remain in the standby network in the W-Lan network and you should now receive your emails and WhatsApp messages as usual. You now know the reason why your W-Lan was automatically disconnected in Standby.


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