Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wipe Cache Partition - Optimize Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 runs on the operating system Android, in which various applications run during the operation. In addition to system applications, the CPU under RAM is also used by apps that have been installed by the user. Within this system errors and problems can occur, the cause of which cannot always be precisely located.

Such problems often manifest themselves in the form of overheating, slowness, frequent recharging of the battery, crashes, black screen, etc. In order to deal with these problems quickly, a method has proven itself in the past: the wipe cache partition.

 How to do this on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is explained in the following article:

The wipe cache partition is relatively easy to perform and does not result in loss of data. It usually speeds up the system enormously and solves problems.

And this is how the Wipe Cache partition runs on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Turn off the note 8 completely
  2. Press and hold the following keys to turn it on again:
  • Volume Louder
  • Bixby button
  • Power On / Off
  1. There should now be an Android male with an exclamation mark. That means you can let go the buttons. It takes about 10-40 seconds until the recovery menu of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 appears.
  2. Now use the volume key of the Note 8 to select in the menu the entry "Wipe Cache Partition".
  3. You open the command by tapping the "Power Button" once. Confirm the query with "Yes" and the Wipe Cache partition will be executed on your Galaxy Note 8.
  4. You are back in the menu before. It is marked "Reboot System Now". Here you only have to confirm once more with the power button to restart the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

You have just run a wipe cache partition, which usually greatly improves the performance of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If this has not helped, then often only helps a factory reset, in which the Android system is reinitialized. How this works is explained here.

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