Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Create Screenshot - Instructions

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is an exciting smartphone, which has a display that wraps around the edge. This creates a unique design of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Of course, this Samsung smartphone is also equipped with the Android operating system. This makes it very easy to create screenshots. A screenshot   stores the content currently shown at the display in an image file. The screenshot process is therefore sometimes called screen printing or hard copy.

In this guide we want to tell you three ways how you can create a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge:

1. Create a Screenshot with key combination on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Display at your smartphone what you would like to save with the screenshot. Then press the following two buttons simultaneously:

     - Power On / Off Button
     - Home button

This key combination must now be pressed and kept at the same time for about 2 seconds. Subsequently, the screenshot will be triggered and the image is saved.

2. Record Screenshot by wiping with the edge of the hand over the screen

You must activate in the settings of your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge this option first. Navigate therefore from the home screen to:

Apps --> Settings --> Motions and gestures -> Palm swipe to capture

Activate the option by switching the controller top right to "on". Now you can take a screenshots by wiping the edge of the hand over the entire display.

3. Use the S-Pen to record screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Take the S Pen and hold it close to the screen, so that the pointer is displayed. Press the S Pen button once to display the Air Command Menu. Select the button "Write Screen" from the menu to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The screenshot will be saved regardless of the recording method in the gallery under the folder "screenshots".

You have now learned three different methods to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Most of the time the key combination will be the  convenient method to quickly take a screenshot. What do you like best?

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