Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Enable developers options - solution

With the Developers options you can change on your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge various options to improve the performance of the device or to optimize it. This includes, for example, the USB debugging or the change of the animation speed. As the developer options are in Android not visible from stock and have to be activated, we want to show you here how this works on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge:

You must open on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge the following submenu:

Home Screen --> App Menu --> Settings --> Device Information

You will find here the entry "Build Number". Now tap several times in quick succession on it to enable the developer mode.

After about the seventh times touching the entry "build number" at the bottom of the screen a message box with "developer mode enabled" appears.

This you can now find at the location „Menu --> Settings" located directly to the left of the device information. Finished!

You know now how to unlock the developer mode in Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.


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