Samsung Galaxy photos are blurred and cloudy - Resolved

When you take with the camera of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, for example, the S4, S5, S6 or S7 photos, then it may be that these are blurred and indistinct.

Mostly the picture is covered with streaks that rectilinear stretch from one side to another. In general, the cause of such a blurred photo but is not the camera sensor or a technical problem, but rather the lens.

If you hold the smartphone in your hand, it may happen that the camera lens becomes dirty. Usually you notice that too and then wipes only briefly with a finger over it to clean it.

So you see that a dirty camera lens of your Samsung Galaxy can lead to really bad photo results and even more if you try to clean it with a quick wipe. A dirty lens of your smartphone can also be felt by milky photos. So before you think about a hardware defect, please always checks whether the lens of your camera is clean and is not clogged.

We recommend you here a smartphone case, with that the above-mentioned effect cannot occur, because it has a cleansing effect. It is the FITBAG Case. This bag can be seen and bought on Amazon.

You know now why the photos you taken with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone are milky and blurred.


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