Samsung Galaxy S6 - When will the smartphone be presented in 2015?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be clearly again the smartphone in 2015 other devices have to measure with. So now the rumors are circulating about technical details, processing and software functions. But since you still can say very little at this point about technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6, we want to concentrate on the following important question:

When can we expect the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Last year, the predecessor the S5 was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And so it is very likely  to be again this year with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

If we assume that the Samsung Galaxy S 6 is presented for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, then the date for the presentation is: 02 - 05 March 2015

We are anxious to see if we will hear about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 at this time. In any case, we tell you here about everything that's new at the Samsung Galaxy S 6.


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