Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery saving with these successful tips

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a host of new hardware and software gimmicks and of course therefore also consumes a lot of battery power. We want you to show the most successful tricks to save battery power on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

1 . Reduce energy consumption on the Samsung Galaxy S4 by disabling unnecessary hardware components

Hardware components, such as GPS, Bluetooth, front camera etc. use a lot of battery power if they are activated on the Samsung Galaxy S4. So the trick is to disable all hardware features that you do not need.
To do this, pull down the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S4 and disable the functions via the shortcuts. You can save a lot of power especially when you disable the following functions:

Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, screen rotation, S Beam, NFC, Air View, gestures, Smart Stay and Smart Scroll.
These functions all use hardware components and should therefore not be permanently activated, if you want to save battery on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

2. Turn off apps that you do not use with your Samsung Galaxy S4

There are apps which also consume power even if they are in stand-by-mode.
These apps, you can very easily find out on your Samsung Galaxy S4 by downloading the app “Android Assistant” from the Google Play Store.
When the app is downloaded and installed, restart your smartphone. Open now the app Android Assistant. Go to the tab "processes" to view the processes which are currently running on your smartphone. Find out the apps that require a lot of processing power at idle mode and remember them.
Then go from the home screen of the Galaxy S4 to Menu -> Settings -> Options -> Application Manager -> All tab and look for the apps that you have previously identified as unneeded electricity guzzlers on your Samsung Galaxy S4. .

Our test model had the following apps with power consumption in stand-by-mode:
- Google +
- Samsung WatchON
- ChatON
- Google Search
- Samsung Push Service
- Talk

Disable these apps by tapping the Application Manager on the appropriate entry and then touch the button "Disable". The app and its functions are now disabled and are no longer active. You should only disable these apps if you really do not use them.

3. Turn the Samsung Galaxy S4 into GSM mode

Get your Samsung Galaxy S4 into the GSM mode by pressing Menu -> Settings -> Connections -> Advanced Settings -> Mobile Networks - Select and activate> Network mode and then "GSM only".
Remember that the speed when browsing the Internet only allows the speed provided by GSM, which is particularly not very high. If necessary, you should change here again to make your mobile Data Connection fast.

4. Turn the Samsung Galaxy S4 at night in airplane mode

If you do not need your Samsung Galaxy S4 at night and do not receive important calls, etc. then it's worth to switch your smartphone into airplane mode. In this case, all the transmit and receive modules are disabled on the smartphone and enormous battery power can be saved. So the battery losses only 1-2% capacity at night.

5. Use the integrated power saving mode of your Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has already integrated an power saving mode in the Android settings. Enable this mode to save even more energy of the battery. To do this open as usual the settings. Under the tab "My Device" you will find the power saving mode. You can limit the CPU performance or make the screen darker when displaying content with white background. Disable automatically the haptic feedback.
Activate the power saving by dragging the slider from off to on.

6. Use the Slider for screen brightness in the notification bar to adjust the lumination of the display

In the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S4 you will find a slider to adjust the screen brightness of the display. Always try to keep this on the lowest level. Since the screen is one of the main energy consumers, you should always adjust it manually. Because the automatic correction mode does not bring the desired success in saving energy.
If you follow some of the tips for saving battery power listed here then you will get very quickly a longer battery life, which is noticeable.
We increased our battery life by almost a day with these tips

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