Samsung Galaxy S4 Create Screenshots very easy

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has also the function to make a screenshot. The screenshot function, which is integrated in Android can be used to save content displayed on the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen.

With a screenshot it is very easy to save error messages, Scores, websites and much more can in an image file.To create a screen shot with the Samsung Galaxy S4, you have to press a combination of keys on your smartphone. We will explain in our article which keys you have to press:

At first navigate to the content which should be included in a Screenshot. Now you need to press the following keys at the same time for about two seconds and hold them.

- Power button, which is used to turn on the Samsung Galaxy S4
- Home Button

If the screen shot is successful, you will hear a short "click", which is similar to that of a camera and at the same time a short flashing white border will appear around the entire screen content.
In addition at the bottom of the screen a "saved to clipboard" appears and the information "Screenshot saved" in the status bar. The screenshot you just made with the Samsung Galaxy S4can be found at the "Gallery" in the newly created folder "Screenshots".
You have now learned how to take a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and where it is stored.


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