Samsung Galaxy S4 How to enable kids mode

With the firmware update NE5 for Android KitKat a new feature was added to the Samsung Galaxy S4: The Kids Mode. With the kids mode, you can customize the Samsung Galaxy S4 very quick and easy for children.
In practice this means that app icons for kids are very easy to identify, so the first contact with a smartphone can be learned playfully. It is important for the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4, that nothing can be deleted or changed by the Kids mode. A "deleted by mistake" is not possible anymore with the kids mode. We show you now how the kids mode can be enabled on the Samsung Galaxy S4:

Open the “Apps” at your Samsung Galaxy S4 and then search for an application named kids mode. If you tap on the icon the kids mode will be loaded from the network. So you need an active Internet connection. The kids mode is almost 65 MB in size. After the download, tap on the children mode and put in pin with four signs, which allow you to exit the child mode again. We recommend you here to use the Sim card pin, so you can not forget the password of the kids mode!

You can now create a profile within the kids mode which defines exactly which apps may be used by the child. The kids mode is now set ready on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and can be used immediately. Have fun with this convenient app.

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