Samsung Galaxy S5 activate USB 3.0 media device to speed up data transfer – solution

If you connect your PC with the Samsung Galaxy S5 via a USB 3.0 cable, then it may happen that the following information message appears on the screen:

"USB 3.0 This device can perform faster - This USB Mass Storage Device can transfer information faster if you connect it to a Super-Speed USB 3.0 port "

Now you will surely be surprised because the Samsung Galaxy S5 is already connected with a USB 3.0 cable to the USB 3.0 port on your computer (check again ;-)).
The reason is a setting on your Samsung Galaxy S5 which triggers this message to your Windows PC. That is why we show you now how the Samsung Galaxy S5 works as USB 3.0 media device. This is quite simply:

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 normally with your Windows PC via USB 3.0 cable. Once connected, pull down the status bar on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and tap on "When connected as media device - More Options". It will now appear the following settings menu:
By default, the entry "MTP media device" is activated if your Samsung Galaxy S5 connects to the Windows PC. This triggers the message that you saw at the beginning of the article. Now to connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 via USB 3.0 media device to the PC, you must set "(3.0 USB) media device". This allows you to transfer media files in Windows via USB 3.0 Super-Speed.

You know now how you enable on your Samsung Galaxy S5 the correct setting for data to be transferred quickly over your USB 3.0 connection to a Windows PC.

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