Samsung Galaxy S5 Activate vibration for new emails

If you carry your Samsung Galaxy S5 in the pocket and get knowledge only about the vibration of new messages and calls, then it makes sense to activate the vibration for new incoming e-mails. The vibration can be easily activated via the settings. In this article we will show you what to do:

Open on the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the home screen the menu and then the settings. Within the settings tap now "Sound". Scroll all the way down to the section "Samsung applications". Here you see a entry called "email". Tap on the entry and then select the e-mail account or e-mail address for which you want to enable vibration. Then you can set the notification settings.

Set a hook in the checkbox "Vibrate"  to activate the vibration for new incoming e-mails on your Samsung Galaxy S5. That's it. Every time you now get a new e-mail on the Samsung Galaxy S5, vibration is activated in addition to the message tone.