Samsung Galaxy S5 adjust display colors

There is the possibility on the Samsung Galaxy S5 to adjust the colors of the display. Adapting means that the colors can be displayed strong or pale. This is especially interesting for photos, videos and movies. The display color of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be adjusted as follows:

Open from the Home Screen the menu and then the Settings. Select here the button "display" and subsequently in the submenu that appears, select "Screen Mode". You can now select between the following settings.

    - Adapt display
    - dynamic
    - standard
    - professional photo
    - cinema

Each setting changes the color output of the display. This can be directly seen in the example image above. Now choose the best looking screen mode for you in color saturation and then tap on "Save".

If you want that your Samsung Galaxy S5 takes the color matching for you depending on the situation, then select the item "Adapt Display". Here the color adjustments are performed directly depending on the used app. You know now how to adjust the colors of the Display on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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