Samsung Galaxy S5 alarm does not work - Tips

It can happen to you on your Samsung Galaxy S5 that the alarm clock does not perform the wake-up alarm at the set time. This is of course very annoying, since it usually ends up that you oversleep and so arrive late to the work, to an appointment or a meeting. There are different reasons why the clock of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is not working properly.

1. Energy-saving mode or ultra power saving mode prevents Awakening through alarm clock

It sounds funny, but it can happen that the alarm is not getting enough CPU power to start the alarm. It is recommended to disable the power saving mode before going to sleep or to our Tip 4.

2. Activated Silent mode prevents alarm clock on Samsung Galaxy S5

It may also happen that the alarm does not sound, because the silent mode is activated. Check here on the one hand, if you're in tone mode and on the other hand if the volume for media and notifications are at the highest level.

3. Set the alarm volume to the highest level

Within the alarm clock you can find in the settings a controller for setting the alarm volume. Move the slider to the right to increase the volume on the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the alarm clock.

4. General Tips for solving the problem with the alarm clock on the Samsung Galaxy S5

If none of the tips above helps, then try the following last tip on your Samsung Galaxy S5:

Open from home screen the menu, then the Settings. Navigate from here to: Application Manager --> Tab "All" --> Clock

Now tap in the app information "Clock" in sequence on the following buttons :

     - Force stop
     - Clear cache
     - Clear data

The app is now reseted. Your alarm times are unfortunately deleted , but may thus also the malfunction of the alarm clock is eliminated. This usually works and the alarm clock on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is set back to normal, so that you will promptly awakened from your smartphone.

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