Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Browser "tab has crashed"

If you surf with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Android browser on the Internet, it can happen that you get the following message:

"Tab has crashed - When viewing this website a network error has occurred, tap on reload or go to another page to continue."

It may be that this error appears on almost every page that you want like to view. The problem is that the Android browser does not cope with 100% of all media displayed on the website. Are there too many problems with a page, then the tag gets closed and shows the above error message. What can you do now?

Following tip is a little help on the Samsung Galaxy S5 to continue browsing:

If you get the "crashed tab" error displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S5 in the Android browser, then Tap on the left soft key butto to display the Task Manager. You see here now the Android browser as the active window. Now push it to the left or right of the screen in order to terminate the application completely. After closing the app you can open it again as usual. The error appears from now on for a long time anymore.

The only remedy is an update from Samsung for the android browser to solve this error.

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