Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop Move Apps on memory card

With Android Lollipop you can move app data on your Samsung Galaxy S5 to the memory card to gain space on the internal memory. This works very easily using the built-in application manager. We show you how to move Apps or their data on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Lollipop to the inserted SD memory card.
For this purpose, please open the following submenu:

Menu --> Settings --> Application Manager --> tab "Installed Apps".

Now tap on an app that you have installed on your Samsung Galaxy S5. The app-info opens in which the following button can be found:

"Move to SD card"

Unfortunately, the data can be stored only on the memory card when the font of the button is dark. If this is not the case, this function is not available for this app.
Do you have an app touched, which can be moved to the SD card, then tap on the button. It appears "Move ...". This may take a while. When the process is finished, the following text is visible on the button "Move to device storage".

The app data is now saved on your SD memory card. In the info table above you can check in the section "SD card app" how many MB the outsourced data on the memory card needs. Finished!
Do this procedure for each app that you want to outsource from the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the memory card. Thus, you can free a lot of space on the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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