Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop - no ringtone or vibration if call comes in

It can happen to you on your Samsung Galaxy S5 after updating to Android lollipop that you hear no more sounds. No sound for a phone call, a new SMS message, the alarm clock etc. the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not make any sounds. In addition, the status bar displays an icon that represents a circle with a solid line. This is circle symbol is the reason why you can´t hear on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Lollipop no more sounds.

After you have enabled the interrupt mode in Android Lollipop by mistake it will disable all notifications. In order to make this reverse on the Samsung Galaxy S5 proceed as follows:
Open on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the shortcut index by pulling the status bar with two fingers from the top of the screen. Here you have to tap the following shortcut to disable interruption mode again:

Tap on the button with "None" or the symbol with the circle in the middle. It is placed in the penultimate row to see in the middle.
Have you touched the button, then the mode is switched from "None" to "All" and the symbol disappears in the status bar. You can now hear again all sounds on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now you know why you do not hear any sounds on your Samsung Galaxy S5 after updating to Android lollipop and how to change this situation.

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