Samsung Galaxy S5 Android lollipop Remove “My Magazine” from Home Screen

After the installation of Android lollipop on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and a subsequent full wipe, the Android system is reinstalled from scratch. Through the Full Wipe all data and settings are erased, and thus the settings to your home screen. This is also the reason why you will see the app "My Magazine" now on the home screen if you swipe to the left.

If you want to disable "My Magazine" and prefer to endlessly scroll through your home screens, we show you here how you can deactivate My magazine on the Samsung Galaxy S5.
For that return to the home screen. Now press once at the left soft key button and hold it for about two seconds. This will now shrink the home screen a little bit and will show more options. Tap here now on "Home screen settings" to enter this setting menu.

In order to disable My magazine on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Lollipop, remove the hook at the option "My Magazine".

Finished! From now on you can browse endless through the home screen pages.


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