Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop Wi-Fi is disabled in standby - solution

It can happen on your Samsung Galaxy S5 after the update to Android Lollipop that despite the wireless connection is activated  you are not connected with the wireless connection in standby. In most cases, this is noticeable as follows:

• You will not receive WhatsApp messages in standby
• Downloads will not continue in the standby

If you also have the problem that your Samsung Galaxy S5 has no wireless connection in stand by, then you must change the following setting in the Android system. We show you what to do:

Open the menu and then the settings. Tap on the "Wi-Fi" Button. Top right, you can now tap on a three-point symbol, which now pops up a small menu. Select "Advanced". This opens a new submenu where you have to choose "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep".In the next window the mode "Never" is marked which means that you do not get WhatsApp messages in standby or that downloads are not continued from the internet. To sustain a wireless connection with the Samsung Galaxy S5 in stand-by, put the highlight to "Always".
Your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Lollipop has now always a stable connection to the wireless network, even when the smartphone is in standby mode.


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