Samsung Galaxy S5 Answer calls by "waving hand over device"

There is on the Samsung Galaxy S5 a useful function that uses the integrated gesture sensor on the smartphone which is located right next to the handset. Accept incoming calls by simply performing a gesture with your hand over this gesture sensor. This function is useful when you have your phone on the table, your hands are dirty or wet and you do not want to touch the device to answer the call. However, this gesture is not enabled from stock at the Samsung Galaxy S5. How you can enable this feature for accepting calls on the Samsung Galaxy S5 by gesture we now want to tell you in this article:

For this purpose, please navigate into the following sub-menu on your Samsung Galaxy S5:

Home Screen --> app menu --> Settings ->Accessibility--> answering/ ending calls

Here you will now find the option "waving hand over device". Set a check mark in the check box behind it and you can usethe gesture function on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now, if you receive a call, it is enough if you waveyour hand over the listener at the top right. The gesture sensor will appreciate the gesture and answer the call. Have fun with this useful feature of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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