Samsung Galaxy S5 Application Manager

If you want to delete the cache or the app data for an app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or outsource data to a memory card, then you need the so-called "Application Manager" from Android. How to find and use it, this article will briefly and concisely explain:

The application manager on the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be opened as follows:

From the home screen, navigate to:

App Menu --> Settings --> Application Manager

Now you see all the apps that are installed on the Galaxy S5. If you also want to see Android's "system applications", do the following:

Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and then "Show system applications".

You will now also see the system applications of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android system within the application manager. Tap an app to view the app information.

You now know how to use and use the Application Manager on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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