Samsung Galaxy S5 Bad photo quality after firmware update - solution!

If you have performed a firmware update on the Samsung Galaxy S5, then you might have noticed that the image quality of the main camera is not as good as usual. Surely you are now wondering whether the firmware update has harmed the image quality of the camera. We can, however, reassure, a firmware update is not the reason of the poorer image quality:

After a newly installed firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the setting for the resolution is automatically set to eight megapixels within the camera firmware. We do not know what the reason of this change is, but usually you notice it too late, which means that you have shot a lot of pictures in the eight-megapixel resolution.Therefore always check immediately aftera new firmware update is installed on your Samsung Galaxy S5 whether the resolution setting for photos has been changed.

You can check the setting of the resolution within the camera app. Open the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and then tap at the gear icon. Next step: Tap the tile with "Image Size" and select 16 megapixels to shoot pictures with the best resolution of your Samsung Galaxy S5 camera.



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