Samsung Galaxy S5 battery after a day empty- solution

The Samsung Galaxy S5 should have a battery life under normal condition of two days. If this is not the case with your Samsung Galaxy S5 and the battery is already empty after a day then there is a problem with the software. So this needs to be charged. Usually an app is active in the background, causing the rapid battery consumption. Even if the app is not used, it may be that it is requesting battery power of your Samsung Galaxy S5 and thus the phone can not switch into the "Deep Sleep". The Deep Sleep mode is a mode where the cpu performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is reduced to a minimum. With this, battery power can be saved.

So if your Samsung Galaxy S5 battery only lasts for one day before it must be recharged, then you can check with the following app, which app prevents deep sleep at your smartphone.

Download from the Google Play Store the following free App: Android Assistant

When you have installed the app on the Samsung Galaxy S5, open it. Switch on the tab "Tools" and typed here on the button "battery usage". You now see a list of all apps, which currently ask for power from the CPU of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Close all the apps that have a high percentage and what you  dont need.

Tap on an app and a pop-up appears. Choose "Exit".

This app doesn´t consume any battery power through the CPU of your Galaxy S5. Do the procedure above with all apps you dont need.

We hope that this solution helped you that your Samsung Galaxy S5 works fine at least two days without recharging.


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