Samsung Galaxy S5 Benchmark always bad results - Why?

To measure the performance of a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5, so-called benchmarks are performed. A benchmark tests the smartphone under hard conditions and then it is checked how much peeformance the device scored on a scale. An important indicator is the ratio FPS, frames per second. The more images per second rendered through your smartphone in high resolution, the better is the performance.

Such a benchmark is offered through the Google Play Store:

• 3DMark Benachmark
• Antutu Benchmark

Now it can happen to you, however, that the results of your benchmark vary on the Samsung Galaxy S5 from time to time. If you let the benchmark run multiple times shortly one after another, every result is little bit lower than it was previously the case. Now you may wonder:

Why do I always get worse results in the benchmark for my Samsung Galaxy S5 after several runs?

We want to answer this question here. The reason has to do with heat. Because the CPU or GPU is placing enormous pressure through such a benchmark, which means that more current flows in the same time through the components. This leads to heat. Since the Samsung Galaxy S5 is passively cooled,it has no fan, the heat can be poorly deflagrate. And here's the reason why your benchmark result is always worse after several runs.

In order that the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not overheat and your CPU fades away, the built-in hardware automatically regulates the performance down. On the basis of a temperature sensor the temperature is controlled by reducing power as long downward until a stable temperature for operation prevails by the processor itself.
What does this mean for my benchmark results?

Thus, you will gain the highest possible score with your Samsung Galaxy S5 in a cool environment. So you can trick the passive automatic cooling power reduction. You know now why the results of your benchmark tests on the Samsung Galaxy S5 always be worse, the more often you run this test.

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