Samsung Galaxy S5 Black Screen error - solved

There is on the Samsung Galaxy S5 a very unsightly error, which usually occurs very suddenly and without warning. This is the blackscreen error. With this error, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 shows only black.

The smartphone does not accept any input via the screen or the hardware buttons. Also a soft reset is no longer possible. So what can you do now, if you get the blackscreen error on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Option 1: Use key combination for download mode

This is the gentle method. You have to press and hold down the following buttons for about 10 seconds at the same time:

  •     Power On / Off Button
  •     Volume-Silent
  •     Home Button  

This button combination will lead you into the so-called download mode. Strangely, this key combination works with the Blackscreen error on the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you are in the download mode of your smartphone, then turn it off by pressing the Volume Down key for "Cancel".

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will now restart and work again as usual.

Option 2: Removing the battery

By removing the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S5, the power supply is interrupted. Wait approximately 5 minutes for the battery to recharge. After that, the blackscreen error on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is also eliminated.

You now know what to do when the display of your Samsung Galaxy S5 only shows black.

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