Samsung Galaxy S5 calls not possible – not registered on network

It may happen at your Samsung Galaxy S5 that you receive the following message on the screen when you try to call a contact or dial a phone number:
“Not registered on network”
The reason for this is that your Samsung Galaxy S5 is not connected to the mobile network. The causes may vary, but regularly one of the following tips helps:

1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5 into airplane mode and after about two minutes back to online mode. Just drag down the status bar and then tap the Quick Selection box "flight mode" which is marked with an airplane symbol. The Samsung Galaxy S5 now turn off all wireless connections. After about two minutes after you turn them back on. The call should now be possible.

2. If that did not help, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5 completely. Remove the battery cover and then the battery. Pull the SIM card out of the slot. Then put the sim card and the battery back in and start the smartphone again.

Now your Samsung Galaxy S5 should reconnect to the wireless network. The message "Not registered to network" while calling a contact should no longer appear, but the connection can be made as usual.

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