Samsung Galaxy S5 camera flash can not be activated - solution

It can happen with the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone that the following message appears on the display when you want to take a photo with the integrated digital camera:

"Flash can not be activated. Please try again after cooling down the device"

The message appears whenever you try to activate the flash within in the camera app. The error message appears most of the time in the following conditions:

     - The Samsung Galaxy S5 is located in the blazing sun or have been taken in a hot place such as a sauna, etc..
     - The Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes hot through an app malfunction, which runs continuously in the background
     - Your pocket was so warm that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has become hot

The only solution in such a situation is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has to be brought to a cooler location. To speed up the cooling down procedure, turn your phone off.

The error message "Flash can not be activated. Please try again after cooling down the device" is a protective mechanism of the photo LED. If this LED is enlighted, despite the heat increases the likelihood of overheating and a malfunction of the LED camera flash increases.

You know now why the error message described above appears on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and what you can do to cool it down.

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