Samsung Galaxy S5 Change Date Format - Solution

There are different date formats worldwide. A date format describes, in which order "day, month and year" are displayed. In most European countries, the date format  day/ month/ year is common.

It may happen in your Samsung Galaxy S5 that the date is stated as follows:

month / day / year
year / month / day
day / month / year

If on your Samsung Galaxy S5 a date format is set to a unknown date format, which you dont want to use, then we want to tell you how this can be changed within Android.

Open the menu and then the settings. Navigate from here to "Date and Time" and then select the following sub-menu:t "Select date format" . You can now select the desired date format.

After selecting the date format it will be immediately displayed on the home screen and the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S5. You have now seen where you can change the date format in Android.


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