Samsung Galaxy S5 Changelog for Android Lollipop 5.0

A few days ago a majority of all Samsung Galaxy S5 owners have received the new Android lollipop 5.0 on their smartphones. Android Lollipop is an update with many new features and of course you want to download it. But you have to check if the new update is suitable for you. Unfortunately, everything what is new doesn´t have to be good. Such a major firmware update also brings sometimes deteriorations. Whether it is worth to update, everybody has to decide on its own. We want to present you here in our Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop 5.0 Changelog list the changes in comparison to Android KitKat.
Changelog for Android Lollipop 5.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with important changes:

• GUI with new "material design"
• Mirror Link - Reflection of the Samsung Galaxy S5 display on the navigation screen of your vehicle
• No more silent function. Instead, the silent mode is now controlled by the priorities or interruption mode
• New Easter Egg "Flappy Android"
• Smart Lock - Smartphone shall be discharged by the pin lock if you stay at a trusted site (previously defined)
• New Runtime "ART" (It cannot be changed back to Dalvik)
• Folders can be easily created
• Camera widget on the lock screen - Use the camera function without Pin input
Battery performance has improved significantly in the first tests, but only with energy saving on.
• Ultra Low Power mode can be activated and deactivated much faster!
• The menu runs smoother and faster
• Booting the smartphone runs faster

These are the changes that caught our attention at the moment. In our view, the update is definitely worth to update. Awkward only is the new silent mode, which makes use of priorities.
Have fun with Android lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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