Samsung Galaxy S5 Check CPU temperature - Solution

The hardware that is installed in your Samsung Galaxy S5 evaluates various system data. Thus, it is for example possible to read the "temperature" of the CPU. The more operations the CPU of your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone must perform , the more electricity flows and the CPU gets warmer or hotter.

The reading of the temperature by the system is particularly important. If the CPU is too hot then there must be enabled an automatic shut-off to prevent the CPU for damage.

If you are interested in how high the temperature of the CPU of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is, then we here want to explain to you how you can read this information out. The Android operating system has no way to read the temperature of the processor, so you have only access with the following small app from the Google Play Store:

This app allows you monitoring the value "temperature", which is transmitted by the CPU of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The app also has the useful function to monitor the temperature dependence of the CPU over a long time distance. So you can test, for example, how the temperature rises in the course of a game, surfing the Internet etc..

Also programs that take a high load on the CPU can be discovered with the app Cooler Master.

You know now how to read the temperature of the CPU on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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