Samsung Galaxy S5 Check heart rate monitor sensor - Solved

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a heart rate monitor that can measure the pulse. The sensor is located on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and can be used with the App S Health. Here it is possible that S Health recognizes no pulse, but suggesting that the finger should be better positioned on the sensor. If this happens often, you can now ask the question whether the heart rate sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is working correctly.

We want to show you a tip on how you can answer that question yourself. To test whether the heart rate monitor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 works correctly, you have to open your Samsung Galaxy S5 service menu. For this purpose, please complete the following steps:

Open from the home screen the phone app and switch within it on the keypad. Tap now via the numeric keypad the following code: *#0*#

It now appears a white menu with different tiles. Tap now on the tile with "Sensor". Scroll through the next menu a bit more down to "HRM sensor". Under the entry where is a small button with "Start".  Tap on it and a graph showing your pulse. If you now put your finger on the sensor, you can see what data can be determined through the sensor. Above at "HR" your current heart rate is displayed in beats per minute.

If no values are displayed here, then the heart rate monitor of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is not working properly. In this case we recommend you to contact the support of Samsung.

You now know how to test on the Samsung Galaxy S5 whether the heart rate monitor works properly.


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