Samsung Galaxy S5 Check touchscreen function

If you are not sure whether the touchscreen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is working properly, then you can check this quickly and comfortably with this method. Samsung has introduced for such cases, a so called service or test menu. With this service menu the touchscreen function can be tested very easy. Defects can be identified very quickly. We tell you now how you can find and start the touchscreen test on the Samsung Galaxy S.
Please proceed as follows:

Open the phone app and navigate within this on the keypad. Now enter the following code:


Then you entered the code you will see a screen with a lot of tiles. Every tile represents a test.

Now tap the tile with the inscription "Touch". It will now open a screen on which you can test every possible location of the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 for functionality. Swipe with your finger at the edges and on the two diagonales to finish the test.

We hope that the touch screen test is positive on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and everything works as desired.

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