Samsung Galaxy S5 Create new contact group - Tips

You can create on your Samsung Galaxy S5 new groups within the Contacts app to which contacts can be assigned. This is convenient because many contacts can be sorted quickly. The following contact groups are available from stock on the Samsung Galaxy S5:

    - ICE emergency contacts
    - Co-Workers
    - family
    - friends
    - My Contacts
    - Starred in Android

By default, all newly added contacts are added to the group "My contacts".

If you now want to create a new contact group on your Samsung Galaxy S5, please proceed as follows: Open the Contacts app and tap near the search box on the icon with the two people. You are now in the group list. In order to add a new group, tap at the top right on the plus symbol.

Then a window opens to create the new group. The following options are available.

  - Create Group in
  - group Name
  - groupringtone
  - group message tone
  - group vibration pattern

In addition, the group members can already be added here. Have you made your settings, tap the top right on "Save" to create the Grupp. Congratulations. You now have added a new group to your Samsung Galaxy S5 in which you can assign contacts.

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